Green Glen Nursery is proud to offer customers an even better experience at their brand new wholesale facility, which is located on the Elwood nursery property. The old wholesale facility was previously located about five miles north on the retail garden center property in Joliet on Laraway Road.

New Location Improves Operations
As industry demands changed and travel between the nursery and the old garden center property became more treacherous and time-consuming, Dick Ooykaas made the decision to close the retail garden center and move the wholesale business onto the Elwood, Illinois nursery property.

In past years, before the Spring 2018 season when the new wholesale nursery facility opened, the process of getting nursery stock to wholesale customers was a bit more complicated. Nursery employees would have to dig orders from the fields, load them on to trailers, and transport them from the nursery across busy Route 52 and then across Laraway Road, both of which are heavily trafficked routes.

As the area surrounding the garden center and old nursery property developed, it became more difficult to move the slow-moving trailers through these busy intersections. The time to transport product to the wholesale building, unload off of the wagons, and reload onto the customers’ truck for pick-up continuously increased year after year.

With the new wholesale nursery facility being located right on the nursery property, transportation, handling and loading times are reduced significantly. It’s also much safer for drivers, which is a win-win for everyone involved.

New Building — More Space
The new wholesale office location boasts a footprint that is much easier for customers to navigate, with careful thought put into planning the facility. By creating a layout that is conscientious of the customers’ typical order of payment at the office, loading and pickups, customers can get in and out more quickly, saving everyone time, which is critical in a seasonal business.

Additionally, the new building has additional overwintering houses for cold-sensitive plant material. As the container growing operation grows, the new greenhouse and overwintering space will be helpful in properly storing plant material.

The new wholesale location’s proximity to the crop makes it easier for customers to view and decide what plant materials they will need for their next project. The easily accessible greenhouse space is on display, so customers can see exactly what they’ll be getting.

Technological Improvements

In addition to the new building, Green Glen Nursery implemented an upgraded inventory system, which will aid producing more accurate inventory counts. By adding this new technology, not only will processes be more efficient, but it will have the most positive impact on the customers.

When customers are looking for specific wholesale nursery stock or they need a large volume of that product, having accurate inventory counts is critical. Knowing exactly what product we have where can help ensure that customers get their orders filled as expeditiously as possible and that they are able to find the specific plants, shrubs or trees that they need.

Moving Forward
Overall, the new facility is intended to better serve our wholesale customers. We hope that you’ll choose Green Glen Nursery for your company’s next professional landscaping project or nursery stock supplier.

Come and check out all that we have to offer as an Illinois wholesale nursery at 24900 Cherry Hill Rd., Elwood, IL 60421.