After 40 years in business proudly serving the public, we made the decision to close our retail operation at the end of 2017 and get back to our roots, focusing our efforts solely on wholesale operations. In the Spring of 2018, we moved our wholesale nursery office to a brand new facility right on our nursery property in Elwood, Illinois.

Throughout our history of growing trees, shrubs and perennials, and in our history of the retail garden center business, we have taken great pride in offering the general public the opportunity to “make your piece of America beautiful.” You may have seen our slogan billboards advertising our garden center on local highways. We hope that you carry on the tradition by shopping local and by supporting independent garden centers.

Blending Old & New

As we start fresh in 2018, we want to acknowledge some of our employees who have been with us for most of their careers. Season after season, our employees became extended family as we worked side by side with one another. Just as we appreciate the knowledge and nursery expertise of our longtime employees, we know you did, too.

With our wholesale business growing, our full-time retail garden center employees transitioned with us over to the wholesale nursery, assisting in the field and with sales. Their hard work and dedication will be welcomed at wholesale.

Recognizing Longtime Nursery Employees

Many of our loyal garden center customers came to recognize John, who dedicated 30 years with Green Glen Nursery. Some folks would come into our garden center with questions about our tree nursery, while others would stop in with questions about how to care for a tree or shrub in their yard. No matter the question, John would have an answer.

John’s vast knowledge of trees and shrubs is still very much a part of our Illinois wholesale nursery. He will still be working with trees and shrubs as he manages tree nursery stock inventory and assists in the fields.

Another staple at our garden center has been Trish Fitzpatrick. Trish has worked at Green Glen for 22 years and has diligently worked cultivating annuals and perennials while putting together beautiful wholesale mixed planters (along with those for the garden center).

You’ll be happy to know that Trish is still cultivating plants and putting together mixed planter orders for wholesale nursery customers She will be working in a brand new greenhouse at our new facility.

Moving Forward as a Wholesale Nursery

As we move forward as a wholesale nursery, we’re excited that you’ll still see our trees, shrubs and plants growing in the area. We will continue to be a wholesale nursery supplier to local landscapers, garden centers and organizations who choose us for our quality plant material.

We are grateful for our loyal employees’ service in our retail business and look forward to working with them at our wholesale nursery.

Be sure to check back to learn more about the news and happenings at Green Glen Nursery.