Green Glen Nursery, Inc. is an Illinois tree nursery that grows thousands of varieties of shade & ornamental trees, shrubs and perennials each year. We have served the community for 50 years and are proud of our reputation for growing a large selection of great looking plant material. With Illinois being located in the Midwest, we typically have four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter (although, sometimes it might feel like we skip a season!). Each year at Green Glen, we grow thousands of varieties of trees and shrubs that are hardy in our planting zone on our tree nursery in Elwood, Illinois. Our tree nursery is located in zone 5 of the USDA Hardiness Zone Map. This map takes into account average temperatures and helps gardeners, landscapers and growers know which plants will be most likely to survive and flourish given the average temperatures. However, plants are receptive to more than just temperature. While some growing seasons may be more wet or dry, as an Illinois tree nursery, we have to adjust to the needs of our plants, which may include additional waterings or even moving plants and trees that are potted or balled and burlapped into a shaded barn. Because we experience winters that can vary in severity, we may need to protect our plant material from early or very late frosts. Each nursery across the United States and even across the globe has different climate conditions for which they must adapt and adjust. For example, a nursery out of state may not ever have to be concerned with extreme cold temperatures. Our experience in the industry dealing with our climate makes us one of the best Illinois tree nurseries in the state. When our wholesale clients buy plant material and trees that have been grown in a tree nursery in Illinois, they can rest assured knowing that the product they purchase for their clients is capable of surviving the different seasons that we endure in Illinois. Trees and shrubs that are grown in our fields thrive in this climate and can survive the seasons that we have in the Midwest and within our region. Additionally, locally grown trees and plant material has already had time to acclimate to the midwestern and localized climate. Plants are living things that are affected by the conditions in which they are grown. If they are not grown in the right conditions, the plant material or trees could die or become damaged. While hardiness zones provide a good indication of what will grow well in certain areas within the United States, there is some flexibility. For example, trees that are hardy in Illinois can be propagated in a different zone. Later, the bare root can be transplanted and grown on a tree nursery in Illinois. Some of the trees that we grow on our nursery started out in other states but are grown and cared for in the appropriate climate, making them an excellent option in landscapes throughout the area.
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