I think all of us are probably looking forward to 2021 after an eventful 2020. 2020 brought us to the realization of how fragile we are as a species and that a quiet, normal, calm existence looks rather good right now.

Looking back, when the pandemic ramped up in March & April, I thought our business was going to be in deep trouble.  I was concerned with all of us living through it and the business surviving. Thankfully, we were wrong, and our customers and the horticulture industry in general experienced the best year we have seen in a decade!

With people staying home more and not going on vacation, they spent their time and money in and around their homes.  Consequently, the landscaping industry and garden centers flourished because of the increased demand for our services and supplies.

The only potential problem, due to this excess demand, is the inventory of some plant material.  Conifers and larger trees may be in short supply for a couple of years. Nurseries will have to catch up on their inventories by increasing production where needed.


We continued expanding both our balled and burlap tree and shrub yard as well as our container growing area this summer. This has allowed us to hold and grow more plant material throughout the season and we are already seeing benefits from these new improvements.

We want to tank all of you for choosing Green Glen Nursery to supply you with plant material whenever possible.  Your continued trust and support are appreciated.  We will continue to do the best job we can to help your company purchase the best quality plant material we can produce.

Please call, text, or email us whenever you have questions or need to place an order. Again, all of us at Green Glen Nursery thank you for your support and wish all of you a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2021!